International massage center is a place where you can redescover the spirit and traditions of Thai massage.
This is what we would like to convey to our clients: traditions and benefits in an atmosphere of tranquility, relaxation and peace.

Our types of massages:

Thai Traditional

translated into thai is “nuad phaen borarn”, and literally means “the touch for cure” (nuad) and has the tradition of worthiness.
Practically starts with the real massage followed by stretching which can be assisted when required.

Thai Oil

it is about the use of acupressure in a more fluid and relaxed way.

Thai Herbal

through medicinal Thai herbs swabs that are laid on specifics points that are knott,  to release tendons and relax

Hot Stone

is practiced with lithic basalt stones that are used to lean on specific parts of the body parts to allow to relax.


is designed for people who are constantly practice and play sports,  it focuses on painful muscles.

Lymphatic Dreinage

is for remove and prevent cellulite.

International Massage also offers two double rooms for couples, that want to do massage together.